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Top 5 fitness myths you should forget

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        There are many fitness myths which are still very famous among us.  Here we are talking about the top 5 fitness myths you should forget. which people believe to be the truth and which are needed to be wasted as soon as possible.

1. Weight training stuns growth

       Most of the peoples believe that weight training stuns growth. This myth is very popular in India. Teenagers, especially in India, do not go for weight training or they are not allowed to enter the gym by their parents, thinking that weight training will stop their height. This myth is completely untrue.No studies has ever been able to show that lifting weight inhibits or stuns growth. The height of a person mainly depends upon the genetics of the person. However, if we regularly exercise and maintain a balanced diet he/she can push his height till a certain age. For men, it is 21 and woman it is 18 years. There is no evidence that weight lifting put an impact on the body negatively. Training chest, back, biceps, triceps and other muscles of the body nowhere related to the height of an individual.
        There are many examples of many bodybuilders who had started their training at their pre age but they are above 6 feet. One of the well-known examples is Arnold Schwarzenegger he had started his weight lifting at the age of 15 but he is  6 feet 2 inch. The only way that he/she can hamper her/his height if they start taking steroids. So, we had selected this myth in our list os top 5 fitness myths you should forget.

2. Eating eggs and nuts causes acne

       Since childhood, most of the peoples instructed to stay away from eggs and nuts. Especially in summers because they cause body heat, pimples, acne and whatnot. This is one of the major myth which needs to be busted. Eating nuts do not cause pimples. Pimples form due to dirt and oil is stuck in between the pores of the skin. There are many external and internal factors that lead to acne-causing. Many of them are

(a). Poor digestion

(b). Eating too much oily, spicy and packaged foods

(c). Excessive sugar in the diet

(d). Not drinking enough water

(e). Not washing face properly

(f). Using toxic face products or using too many makeups

(g). Popping the pimples

(h). Excessive exposure to the UV rays of the sun and many

       Everyone should know that eggs and nuts are a very important source of protein and healthy fate for our body. They should be part of our diet irrespective of weather condition. But it is true that eating too many eggs and nuts cause heat in our body. But any food consumed in excess has its own side effects. As eggs are concerned only egg yolks causes heat. Peoples should bot eat more than two whole eggs a day. Even eggs are concerned one person can eat 10-15 egg whites even in summers and can consume  2 handfuls of nuts on a daily basis without any kind of problems. This is the time we should stop this myth and do not compromise with our health because of the weather condition.

3.Burn fat from a specific part

       This is one of the biggest myth in our list of Top 5 fitness myths you should forget. Still, many peoples believe that they can reduce fat from a specific part of their body. If you one of them you are wrong. Although, one can strengthen the muscle of one part of the body but can not reduce fat from a specific part of the body. If anyone wants to cut off the fat from one part of the body it is not possible.

4. Girls become bulky if they do weight training

       Most of the girls retain from lifting weight because they think that might make their body bulky as boys. This is also a big myth which is needed to be busted as soon as possible. The major reason as to why boys get a muscular body is because of the hormone called testosterone. The quantity of testosterone present in the woman body is very less. How much a woman lift the weight. They will never get a muscular body. We have seen many women lifting weights and get a muscular body because they are injecting testosterone in their body. So if a girl will lift weights, it will increase her strength, tone the body, burns more calories and effectively lose fat. So, if you are a woman you can go for a weight lifting to cut off fate and weight. Do not worry you will not get bulky.

5.Can not lose weight without exercise

       There are also many peoples who think that they can't lose weight because they have a busy lifestyle and have no time to exercise. If you are one of them you are wrong. The 80% shape of our body depends on what and how much we eat and 20% depends on how much we exercise. Anyone can lose their weight without exercise if they maintain a proper diet. Also, many people think that diet means staving yourself. Instead of this, we need to follow a balanced diet full with a complex carbohydrate, vitamin, minerals, protein, high fibre and healthy fat. The main thing to lose weight is the calories consumed per day should be less than maintenance calories. So, if your maintenance calories come out to be 2000 if you consume 1800 calories on a daily basis you are bound to lose weight.

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