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Do This for 2 weeks Everyday To Lose Weight

Today's workout is only 13 minutes and it's gonna work your whole body. You can do this workout everyday if you're looking for a quick and effective routine, Or you can do this as part of my free two weeks shredding program, which you can find over here.

Now this program is all free. So don't forget to smash that like button subscribe and also turn on the notifications. And if you want to join in on this challenge, don't forget to leave a comment with your progress or use my hashtag on Instagram or even create a YouTube video like these girls so that we can be there for one another and let's get started. All right, we have three sets with seven exercises each, five to ten seconds rest and 15 seconds rest in between sets.

Let's kick things off with Crossbody Mountain Climbers. Bring your knee as close to the opposite elbow as possible and keep your core engaged. To keep your core engaged remember to breathe, glutes engage and make sure your core is tight.

We've got a quick five seconds break and then we've got Burpees next. You can do regular burpees or add a push up if you want to. Make sure you do it safe(ly) and not on a slippery mat. So for low impact just take it nice and slow We'll have a 10 seconds break and next is High Knees make sure your core is engaged and bring your knees up to your hips level do it fast and controlled and remember to breathe.

For low impact just bring your knees up without the jump Next we have In-And-Out Squats. Squat down low while engaging your glutes and core and jump back in and repeat Make sure your glutes engage and your back is neutral. For low-impact, you can do the squats without the jump.

All right we have Push-Up with Mountain Climber next. Start with the push-up and do two rounds of mountain climbers and repeat. if you can't do a push-up you can go for just mountain climbers or just knee push-ups. Whichever that you like better Skater Jump is next. It is a really great exercise to keep your heart rate up.

Make sure you take a big jump, but be safe guys that's really important. For low impact, you can do it without the jump The last exercise for set one is Spider-Man plank, this is a great exercise to work the abs, so keep going guys you can do this And that's the end of set one.
We've got 15 seconds break or you can take up to a minute break if you want to and We're gonna kick off the second set with Corkscrew Start by bringing one leg across and touch your shin or you knee with your opposite hand Start slow if you are new to this because it could be quite tricky at first, but it'll get easier after the first round For low impact just bring the knee across in a high plank position Next we have Plank Jacks.

This is super great for your core Make sure your butt is not poking up or dropping down and for low impact you can do it without the jump Next we have Reverse Lunge to work those legs. Make sure you engage your core and your front knee does not pass your front toes And next we're gonna bring it up a notch with Jumping Lunges.

Make sure you land softly and be safe, don't injure your ankles So if you can't do the jump just keep going with forward or reverse lunge Up-and-Down Plank is next. This is another really great exercise for the upper body. And for the abs Keep going guys.

We are almost done with set two. Next, we've Triceps Toe Touch. Touch your toe with your opposite hand make sure you keep your core tight as well The last exercise for the second set is Burpees keep going guys we're almost there And that's the end of the second set We've got 15 seconds break or you can take up to a minute break if you want to and we'll kick off the final set With some Planks with Bunny Hops jump both feet to the left and then to the right .

This is getting more difficult now, but you can do it and for low impact just bring one leg to one side at a time Now we have Jumping Jacks do it fast and controlled and for low-impact, you can just do it without the jump Next we have the Lateral Lunge followed by Curtsy Lunge.

Sit your hips back as you do the lateral lunge, then bring your legs behind you and do a curtsy lunge This is a really great exercise for your inner and outer thighs Let's do the same on the other side, let's do this. We're almost there Next we have Heisman This is kind of like a high knee with a lateral jump so jump to the left then bring your opposite knee up Then repeat on the other side.

For low-impact, you can take a step to the left or the right instead We have Bicycle Crunch next to work those abs bring on the in touching the opposite elbow and squeeze your abs Make sure you remember to breathe and we're almost done with the exercise guys. Just one more left to go And the final exercise is High Knee.

Go all out for the last exercise You can do this and for low-impact, you can just do it without the jump That's the workout guys I hope you have enjoyed it Feel free to do this workout every morning or whenever it suits 


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