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Healthy & Easy PANEER Recipes - 500 Calories or Less!

Healthy & Easy PANEER Recipes - 500 Calories or Less!

Paneer is an awesome vegetarian source of protein perfect to help you shed some extra kilos Here are 3 low-calorie paneer recipes you can try at home! We’ll make a marinade using some mint leaves, a bunch of coriander. Some green chilies followed by some ginger and garlic. We’ll add some amchoor powder and a little gram masala for heat.

Then finally add some salt to season And some pepper We'll also add some yogurt to help with consistency. And give all this a blitz in the mixer to form a paste. Now onto our paneer pieces which we have cut to about an inch and a half wide. We’re poking them slightly with a knife to help the marinade seep in.

Marinate for at least 30 minutes or as long as possible. Now we’re going to cook these in a small quantity of oil. Use a healthy oil like rice bran or olive for this purpose. Cook on one side for 2 to 3 minutes and turn. When they’re evenly brown you can take them out. Next, we’ll prep some tomato rings which are the base for these sliders.

We’ll season these slices with salt and pepper. Then place each paneer piece on its own slice. Spritz it with some lemon juice for an added kick These healthy tomato sliders are a great replacement for bread or fattening biscuits! Clocking in at only 25 calories per piece.

Take some soft crumbled paneer in a bowl. To which we’ll add some finely chopped onions some spring onion greens for added freshness. Then some flaxseed powder, which is a great weight-loss agent. Then some green chilies ground into a paste.

Some ginger-garlic paste (you can use finely chopped if you like) Just a little cornflour to help with binding Some chaat masala And pepper as well as some salt to season well. Mix all this together properly. Once everything is incorporated go in with your hands and shape these into tikkis of your desired shape. You can cook these in very little oil.

Make sure that the oil coats the pan before you place it in the tikkis. We’re brushing a little oil over the tikkas to help them brown evenly on both sides Flip them over. Let them cook for another 2 to 3 minutes and then you’re ready to serve! These soft and delicious morsels are perfect for a snack and are only 35 to 45 calories apiece.

Start with a little bit of oil. Preferably sesame oil as it has the most authentic taste. In which we’ll cook some ginger and garlic. Both of which aid in weight management. When aromatic we’ll add in the onions.

Once they’re translucent add the mushrooms, which are filling and very low in calories. When those are soft you can add some red and yellow bell peppers. Then some soya sauce for flavor along with rice wine vinegar. Some chili flakes for spice.

And finally, some paneer which we’ve cut into small cubes. And finish with some spring onions. Stir it all till the paneer is coated. Then finish with some salt and pepper. But make sure you taste to check for seasoning and adjust accordingly Stir this well.

We’ve separated a few lettuce leaves to form our cup base. Spoon the mixture generously onto the leaves. Top with a smattering of white sesame seeds and you're all done. Each of these little cups is between 55-65calories. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can't tasty and filling food.
I hope you’ll try these recipes out.


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