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Healthy Snacks - Healthy Office Snack Options

Healthy Snacks - Healthy Office Snack Options

Today, we will talk about some healthy snackoptions that you can easily take along to your office, school, college or whenever youare travelling. Now, you are already familiar with these foods. But it is all about combining them in theright way so that your snack becomes balanced and your body feels satiated.

Take apple for an example. If you eat one apple that might not be enoughto suppress your hunger. Now, if you eat two apples that would actuallybe an overdose of carbohydrates. Now, combining this apple with peanut butteror roasted peanuts will actually make you satiated very easily. Psychologically and scientifically, when wecombine two or more foods our body feels more satiated.

All the snack options that we are going todiscuss today are on the same lines. Moreover, these foods are cheap and easilyavailable in the Indian market throughout the year. Now, these snack options are for one and all. It doesn’t matter if you workout or not,you are a man or woman, young or old. It is for everybody.

Most importantly, these snack options willhelp you stay away from the unhealthy food outside. Now, in India no snack is complete withouta chai or Indian tea. And I promise, you can include Indian teaor green tea with any of the snack options that we are going to discuss today. Jut make sure you don't use refined sugar instead you can use natural sugar.

So without any further delay, let’s getstarted. First is Makhane, also known as Phool Makhaneor Lotus seeds. Now my mother is head over heels in love withmakhane. She takes them to her workplace everyday andshe tell me Vivek these are so filling, so crunchy that it feels like having popcorn. Now lotus seeds are very healthy.

They are low in calories and rich in minerals. They are also high in fibre and have someamount of protein as well. They are super low in sodium. So it becomes a great snacking option forsomebody who is suffering from high blood pressure. You can just roast them in a kadhai with apinch of salt or microwave them for a few minutes.

Trust me, you will love them. In my opinion, makhane are satiating in itselfbut if you want you can have one handful of unsalted roasted peanuts along with them. Next is my all time favourite, bhuna chanaor roasted chickpeas. Now, they are also extremely filling and very tasty.

Roasted chickpeas are a great source of complexcarbohydrates and also have some amount of protein. Even after consuming 2 large handfuls of roastedchickpeas, you will hardly get 15 grams of carbohydrates but your stomach will be full. So you can combine them with one handful ofunsalted roasted peanuts to get healthy fats and some amount of protein.

Next option is fruits and nuts. Now, you can use any fruit apple, banana,orange or whatever seasonal fruits that are available around you. And combine them with one handful of nutslike badam, cashews, walnuts, peanuts etc. Now you are getting carbohydrates from fruitsand healthy fats and protein from the nuts.

All in all it becomes a well balanced, fillingand nutritious snack option. This takes me to my next snack option whichis banana peanut butter roti. Now take one whole wheat roti and apply onetablespoon of peanut butter on it. Add one banana to it and you can just rollit and have it. it is a very tasty, filling and nutritioussnack option.

Next is carrots and cucumbers. Now only carrots and cucumbers may not beenough to fill your tummy. So you can actually add two handfuls of roastedchickpeas and one handful of unsalted roasted peanuts along with it. Now you are getting vitamins and mineralsfrom carrots and cucumbers, carbohydrates and some amount of protein from chickpeasand healthy fats and again some amount of protein from peanuts.

This is how you combine the foods to makeyour snack filling and balanced. Next is again one of my favourites, boiledchana chaat. Now, it is very easy to prepare it. All you need to do is, boil the chana. Add onion, tomato, cucumbers and season itwith salt, pepper, tomato ketchup and lemon.

Just mix it well and it is ready to go. You need not boil chana everyday. You can boil it in bulk and store in refrigeratorfor 7 days. There can be a lot of variations to this chaat. Instead of using black chana, you can evenuse chhole, rajma or sprouts. This takes me to my next snack option whichis very similar, egg white chaat. Replace black chana with egg whites and youregg white chaat is ready.

This is a great way to get over the blandtaste of egg whites. Now because egg whites are a source of leanprotein so you can even add one roti to it. Next snack options could be egg white bhurjior egg white omelette. Now, you might be thinking that should wehave egg whites in summer? Definitely.
They won’t cause you pimples. It is a myth. So friends, these were some healthy snackoptions.

I would suggest you to keep them handy withyourself, always. Let me know in the comment section which snackoption did you like the most. And also share with me some of your healthysnack ideas. So friends I hope you found this helpful.


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