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How to cure depressio? Can we cure it

How to cure depressio? Can we cure it
Depression really is a modern age disease. If we take a look at this graph we can seethat the average rate for depression of people who are currently over taken age of 60 is 10%. which when you think about it is pretty dam high. However, if you look to the left each of theselines represents another generation. The people who are currently45 years has a rate double that of the 60-year-olds .

The rate of depression is 20%. And if we look to the far left the generationthat is currently around the age of 25 (which is most of you guys) is already at 25%. If we assume this line continues at the rateis it, it's estimated that 1 in 2 people will have experienced depression by the age of60. that's half of the population. There's definitely an issue here. And it's very apparent that this issue iscaused by the massive changes in society today.

Because peoples who are currently 60 years old lived different lifestyle compared to right now. They had no access to the internet, no smartphones,there were no forms of social media like Facebook and instagram, there was no way to order thingsright to their frontdoor. It's clear that depression is caused by thissudden change in environment.

So what we can do for it. Well, a professor by the name of Steven Ilardidedicated his entire career to figuring out this question. He and his team conducted dozens of studiesand came to a conclusion. There are 6 things you need to work on inorder to cure your depression. These 6 things are all results of the massiveamounts of change that we've undergone in the past couple of decades. 1. Physical Activity Physical

Activity is something we used todo A LOT of. If you think about it not too long ago wewere busy out in the fields tending to our crops all day or in the woods hunting forfood. On average we used to exercise for at least4 hours a day. Think about your own life … how many hoursare you exercising per day? Most people with office jobs have virtuallyno exercise.

This is a huge difference, But just how effectiveis the exercise in regards to treating depression. Well...Researchers compared Zoloft (whichis one of the leading pharmaceutical drugs on the market right now) with aerobic exercise. In this case, it wasn't even a lot of exerciseit was only 30 minutes of brisk walking, 3 times a week. The patients who were prescribed the exercisedid just as well as those who took the medication.

Funny enough the patients on Zoloft were foundto be 3 times more likely to become depressed again after a 1 year follow-up. One of the reasons why researchers think exerciseis so effective is because of what it does to your brain. When you exercise important neurotransmitterssuch as dopamine and serotonin have increased activity levels.

These same neurotransmitters cause depressionwhen they are at low levels. And These are the same neurotransmitters allthose anti-depressants out there are targetting. So why take those drugs when you can justexercise and have the same result, without any of those nasty side effects, and on topof all that having a healthier better looking body. 2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids The supplement community is often split betweenwhich supplements you should take.

However it's almost universally accepted thatOmega-3 Fatty Acids (which usually comes in the form of Fish Oil) is a must have supplement. Hell even famous Olympic swimmers were askedif they could just take one supplement for the rest of their life, almost all respondedwith Fish Oil.

But why exactly are Omega-3 Fatty Acids sobeneficial? To understand this you have to understandhow our body deals with fats. These two fats are called essentials fatsbecause we are unable to produce them on our own. We must get them from outside sources. Omega-6 fats are pro-inflammatory while Omega-3'sare anti-inflammatory.

Omega-6's are found in grains and seeds, animalsthat eat them or are fed them, and especially fast food which is cooked in them. Omega-3's, on the other hand, are found ingrasses, plants, algae and the animal that eat them such as fish and free-range animals.

The ideal balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3'sis anywhere from 1:1 – 3:1. This is the balance that most of our ancestorswere is is able to maintain with their natural diets. But when researchers looked at the ratio in modern day Americans they found that our ratio was a whopping 17:1.

This means the average American is heavy on the inflammatory side, and that's never a good thing. Because if you look at all of the major diseases that plagues the modern world like cancer, heart disease, allergies, they're all under the category of inflammatory diseases.

After this scientists hypothesized that maybe if you  supplement Omega-3's you could fight all of this. They conducted dozens of studies and found thatt not only did people who suffer from depression feel better. But this supplementation also helped with a variety of other diseases like the ones we just mentioned.

They found that the ideal dosage for those who has Depression is 1000-2000mg EPA (which is one of the acids in Omega-3's). Something very important to note is that if you do decide to purchase fish oil supplements you must refrigerate them or else they will oxidizee and essentially become toxic for your body.

You must also make sure the brand of fish oil you are purchasing uses some method to purify the oil, as the majority of fish nowadays aree farm bred and contain many toxins. 3. Sunlightimportant for 2 reasons. The first reason is fairly well known, and itt deals with a special little vitamin called Vitamin D.

When your skin expose to sunlight vitamin D is generated and is responsible for things like your bone health,  your immune system, and muscle health. But, researchers have also found thatlack of vitamin D will cause problems such as cancers, diabetes, and especially mental healthh.

Vitamin D is actually becomingery big problemm as so many of us are spending more and more time indoors. In fact, over 40% of people nowadays haveitamin D deficiency to some degree. That's a lot of people. So that's reason number 1 to getting more sunlightt – in order to get more vitamin D.

Reason number 2 is something that you Wouldnt really expect. See there's something very special about sunlight thatt normal indoorlight can not provide for us. Sunlight is many many times brighter than indoor light. It turns out that our bodies need sunlight inn order to set our circadian rhythms right.

This is essentially the body's internal clock thatt makes sure you feel tired at the right time, makes sure you get certain hormones att the right time,,, and makes sure you feel sleepy at the right time. All of these problems have been shown in studies too be a direct link to depression.

Imagine feeling tired all day and being unable too sleep. These are common problems that most people withh depressionss have. The only problem is that this clock needs too be adjusted all of the time. If you were to lock yourself in a black room yourr body's clock would start malfunctioning. You'll think it's the the the day when it's night and yourr hormones will be all over the place.

We need bright natural sunlight at least once a day in order to set these clocks right. Research suggestss simply walking outside when thee success is high for just 10 minutes can properly adjust your circadian rhythm and combat all these potential side effects. 4. Healthy Sleep Researchers found that disrupted sleep was one of the most potent triggers of depression.

They found in research that peoples who have no time table to sleep or sleep abnormaly have higher risk to develope depression. This means that if you're the type of personwwhoays up all night watching shows or playing games you want.

One of the big complaints that you guys probably have is“well it always takes me forever to fall asleep, so I can't really control how much sleep I get.” there are a couple of simple tips to combat this.

1. Don't use a computer or phone an hour before you plan on going to sleep as it prevents the production of melatonin the hormone which makes sleepy.

2. Only use your bed for sleep and sex. This program yourrrrr brain to associate it wasleepppp. Do activities during the day.

The ideal day, which is something that our ancestors had was packed with activities so that by the time it was bedtime, they were able to fall asleep easily.

3. Anti-Ruminative Activity, scientists found that if we ruminate too much our chances of getting depression increases.

You might think well it's perfectly normal to think about your past a lot, isn't it? Well in small quantities it's fine but with the uprising of technology and the internet more and more people are spending more time alone. The problem with spending time alone is that you tend to ruminate A LOT. 


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