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How to get rid of Acne and Pimples? Acne Tips & Tricks

Today I'll be talking about acne andpimples and some facts about them and also give you some tips and tricks toprevent acne and to treat acne. acne is one of the most common problem globally andit not only effects once psychological development but it also affects aperson's self-esteem not just in teenagers but also in adults so it isimportant to identify it as early as possible and treat it effectively toprevent formation of scars or any unsightly pigmentation.

A lot of people feel that they get acne or pimples on their face because of a lot of heat intheir body. Well, heat in your body can increase dueto fever, exercise or thyroid problems but that does not lead to acne orpimples but leads to other skin conditions. Impact of diet on acne is avery controversial subject.

They have been a lot of studies which linked thecause of acne to be dairy products and even products with high glycemic indexthat is food containing high sugar content and high fat content they can beaggravating factors in people who are already prone to acne. But are they themain cause of acne? Well this requires deeper studies what I would recommend isthat you should make a food diary and note down the products which aggravateyour acne.

if there is any particular food which causes an increase in acne,you should avoid eating that food. A lot of patients come to me sayingdoctor I've got some eruptions on my face because I've been having a stomachinfections since a past few days.

Let me tell you, whether it is stomachinfections, diarrhea, constipation or gas in your stomach. that is not lead toburst out or acne or pimples on your face however if you take too much stressfor them that can increase your stress hormones and can lead to pimples.

A very commonbeliefs is that acne is just due to lack of hygiene and we should go to a parlor toget a facial done to remove acne. well, let me tell you that any sort of facialwhether it is with moisturizers or gels that leads to activation of yoursebaceous glands due to a massage on the face and this can further need tobreakouts because of the activation of your oil producing glands.

A very common,yet an alarming similarity that I find in a lot of my patients is that theycome to me and say doctor that I'm having a blood purifying syrup since along time and since my acne is not being treatedwell let me tell you that having a blood purifying syrup will not treat your acneand pimples because that does not purify your skin at all.

Home remedies in India are given a lotof importance, definitely some of them are very effective but a concoction ofhome remedies putting multani mitti one day, turmeric the other day, putting malai onyour face on the third day. this can really make your skin sensitive andfurther dry. what I'd recommend you is that you must go to a doctor, take a propertreatment for your acne, and then try one or two maximum home remedies at homeafter consulting with your doctor. Because none of the home remedies haveany proven studies about them.

A very common myth is that people believe thatI don't have pimples I just have blackheads which is dirt trapped insidemy skin. Well, blackhead and whiteheads also knownas open and closed comedones are the initial stages of acne and they should also betreated. Application of a moisturizer is an extremely important step in thetreatment of acne.

A lot of people think that by applying a moisturizer they maketheir skin further oily which leads to further acne and they've come to me andtell me the doctor we are not applying any moisturizer or any cream on our face andstill we are getting acne. well, let me tell you that to make the treatment ofacne more effective, a moisturizer is extremely important because any oral ortopical medication for acne leads to dryness and makes your skin moresensitive which is taken care by a moisturizer however a specific kind ofmoisturizer which is recommended by your doctor should only be used.

Any thickconsistency moisturizer can block your pores and can further lead to breakouts. Acne is not just a common finding inteenagers but it is also commonly seen in adults of the age group of 30 and 40so if you belong to this age group and you get a zit, do not get worried.

Howeverthe type of lesion maintaining between the two age groups in teenagers the type oflesion is usually a blackhead or a Whitehead which further becomes apustule or a pus filled pimple. However in adults the occurrence of blackheads andwhiteheads is lesser as compared to teenagers and they usually get apus filled lesion or a pustule or a bump that is a nodule.

if you have acne,always remember to use non comedogenic makeup or light loose powderfoundations which do not drop your pores otherwise thicker foundations can clogyour pores and can further lead to breakouts so acne should not beignored if it is not treated on time it can lead to acne scars or unsightlypigmentation which can take months and months to treat.
So treat acne on timeand you can get flawless skin. Thank you. 


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