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How to keep your heart healthy? 10 Ways

Your heart works all throughout the day. Even when you sleep, the organ makes sureyou’re getting enough blood throughout your body. This is why it’s important your heart stayshealthy. From managing your blood pressure, to managingcholesterol and maintaining a healthy weight.
There are many ways to maintain the healthof your heart. In this video, we will talk about all of themand more. So, let’s begin!

#1 Stop Smoking This is one of the most obvious points. Cigarettes contain toxic things like tobaccoand tar. Both of these things are harmful to your throat,lungs and heart.

Apart from that, cigarettes also contain chemicalsthat enter your bloodstream and make their way into your heart. They can damage the organ as well as affectyour arteries and blood vessels. This is why we suggest that if you are a smoker,you should quit right now before it’s too late.

#2 Control Your Blood Pressure When your blood pressure rises, it puts pressureon your heart and forces it to pump blood at a faster rate. Your veins and your arteries suffer as a result. If this continues, it could lead to majorproblems. We aren’t just talking about strokes. High blood pressure is also linked to cardiovascularproblems. If you have any of these issues, we suggestyou consult a doctor.

Because this is a lifestyle-related problem,it can be kept in check by following a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. We also did a video on the foods that helplower your blood pressure. Make sure to check it out. If you are liking this video so far, makesure to click subscribe and hit that notification bell. This way, you’ll be updated with all ourgreat Bestie content.

#3 Engage In Physical Activity Regular physical activity can do wonders foryour heart. Vigorous ones on the other hand may not begood for you. Instead a moderate amount of physical activitycan strengthen your heart’s muscles. It can also help the heart to pump blood ata decent rate, making sure blood pressure levels remain under control. When we say “some” physical activity,we mean the usual walking, running and cycling. Of course, if you’re a sporty person, youmay want to take part in soccer, rugby or basketball.

There is nothing wrong in doing that either. Just make sure to get a good amount of restbefore and after your games.

#4 Drink Plenty of Water Almost 70% of your body consists of water. Water plays a crucial role in some of thebiochemical processes of your body. One of them is helping to get rid of the toxicwaste in your body. It also helps the circulation of blood andoxygen, making sure that the heart isn’t strained as much.

The moment you don’t drink enough water,your body gets dehydrated. This puts extra strain on your heart. So how much water do you need to drink? Well, we did a video on it, feel free to checkit out.

#5 Check On Your Diabetes When the sugar levels in your blood becometoo high, you get diabetes. Many of you already know that. Here is something that you might not realize. Diabetes affects the blood vessels, musclesand tissues in your heart. Even if you don’t have heart problems inthe beginning, diabetes can give you heart problems as you age.

This is why you must figure out a way to manageyour diabetes. If not properly handled, it can lead to heartattacks or strokes. Let’s talk about another slow killer.

#6 Control Your Cholesterol Levels First of all, you need cholesterol. It’s the fatty substance in your blood thathelps to keep you healthy. The problems start when you have an excessiveamount in your blood. That is when you need to figure out ways tocontrol it. An imbalance of cholesterol causes jams inthe arteries.

This puts strain on your heart. This added strain can lead to some major heartproblems. A lot of people with cholesterol issues experienceheart attacks. This is why we suggest you figure out waysto keep your cholesterol levels in check. You can check out our video on the “7 FoodsThat Help To Lower Your Cholesterol.” It will be very useful in your quest to stayhealthy.

#7 Avoid Drinking Alcohol You may have heard this before, but we’regoing to repeat it. Drinking alcohol can be dangerous for yourbody. It raises your blood pressure levels. This can lead to cardiovascular problems. The secondary problem is that regular consumptionof alcohol damages the muscles of your heart.

This results in a heart-related problem knownas cardiomyopathy. Even if you can’t completely leave alcohol,we suggest that you at least reduce its consumption. This reminds us, we did a video on high-functioningalcoholics. If you haven’t checked it out, please do.

#8 Control Salt Consumption Salt may be a good source of sodium and iodine,but too much consumption of this mineral may not be good for you. A high intake of sodium can cause a spikein blood pressure levels. This could lead to hypertension.

We have already explained earlier in the videohow hypertension or high blood pressure can affect our heart. So cutting down on the salt could help youmaintain a healthy heart.

#9 Manage Your Weight Obesity causes a ton of health problems. The same thing can be said if you’re underweight. One of the organs that may be affected themost is your heart. People who are overweight often have otherproblems like hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. In this video, we have already explained theimportance of controlling them to keep a healthy heart.

It is more complicated for those who are underweight. Underweight people are likely to experienceone or the other form of coronary heart disease. In other words, the only way out is to maintaina proper weight. For this you can consult your nutritionist,who will suggest the correct weight for you according to your height.

#10 Live Stress Free Stress, depression and mental fatigue arepart and parcel of living in the 21st century. It doesn’t matter what job you do, whichclass of society you belong to, or what country you live in. Stress is common for one and all.

Although stress doesn’t really cause heart-relateddisease, it increases your risk of getting it. This is why we suggest keeping yourself freeof stress. If you find it really hard to manage, thenyou can join a tai-chi class. This ancient Chinese martial art is good forthose who are depressed or dealing with a lot of stress.

We have explained some methods of keepingyour heart healthy. Now let’s run through a few simple activitiesyou can do in your daily life.

#1 Get Proper Sleep Sleeping is a major factor when it comes tohealth. You must make sure that you are getting aminimum of 7 hours of sleep everyday. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule willensure a healthy lifestyle.

#2 Listen to Soothing Music Music can sometimes heal you and make youfeel better. This is exactly why you need to listen tosoothing music. It will help you stay calm and relax. You need that kind of feeling to de-stress. Some recommended genres in this case wouldbe blues, classical and jazz.

#3 Meditate Meditation is one of the best ways to relax. This exercise soothes your mind and helpsyou concentrate. More importantly, it helps to improve yourtemperament. Meditation is also known to lower the bloodpressure in your body. Now that sounds like really good news.

#4 Don’t Sit In One Position For Too Long Sitting in one position could be more harmfulthan you think. It is not just your lower back, waist andlegs that get affected. Of course, many of us work sitting in frontof a laptop for hours.

We would still suggest that you take sometime out for yourself. In that time, you can roam around a littlebit. It will help you stay active and keep yourheart muscles healthy. 


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