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How to take care of your underarms | Glamrs Skin Care & Home Remedies

Winter’s on its way out, and summer’s just around the corner! It’s almost time to ditch the sweaters and scarves and dive back into wearing shorts and tank tops. Unfortunately, a lot of us are conscious about our underarms.
We don’t like how they look, they’re too dark, patchy or pigmented and we don’t like how they feel! But, there are a few really simple fixes for this. Hi, I’m Saachi, and in this video I’ll show you how, with a little home care and the right products, you can enjoy summer, any way you’d like to! If you shave or wax your underarms regularly, you may find that you’re left with scars, bumps or even discolouration in that area.

So if this is a problem for you, try using a mild exfoliator a couple of times a week. Add a spoonful of sugar, hunt down some dried ground orange peels and some coconut oil. Mix well and apply this on your underarms. This will remove dead skin cells and any other dirt that’s accumulated in that region. It’ll also help smoothen out the skin, and leave you feeling fresh.

Grooming body hair is a personal choice, and you shouldn’t feel pressured or forced into looking a certain way. Having said that, there is an advantage to trimming or removing hair from areas that sweat a lot. The bacteria that builds up in damp areas are responsible for body odour. So if this is something that bothers you then it’s worth considering removing the hair.

You can shave or wax your armpits, but be careful as the skin is sensitive. Once you’re done, use a roll-on with 0% alcohol instead of your regular deodorant, as they don’t sting or irritate the skin. Apart from being super gentle on your skin, roll-ons also help your skin smell good! This is a pretty big part of feeling clean and comfortable.

A current favourite is Nivea’s Pearl and Beauty Roll-On, this has 0% alcohol content and pearl extracts which make it super gentle on your skin. It controls body odour all day and the rolling ball covers the entire underarm easily. The fragrance is subtle and not too heavy as well, which we like.

Taking care of the rest of your body is as important as taking care of your face, so it’s time you stopped neglecting it! Especially post a shave or wax, they can be left slightly irritated and the best way to help soothe and condition this sensitive skin is by applying a moisturizing agent like aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is a magic plant, the gel can penetrate your skin and hydrate it from within, leaving you fresh and smooth.

If you have dry or pigmented underarms and would like to improve how they look and feel, then this DIY mask will work wonders. Take some gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and add some lemon juice to it. Mix and apply this to your underarms. Kick back and let the mask work on your skin for about 15 minutes. Do this daily for a week and you should see a big improvement.

In a tropical country like ours, humidity is always high and wearing materials such as rayon or polyester can suffocate the skin leading to rashes and just an overall sense of irritated skin. You can make this less of an issue by wearing outfits made of breathable cotton or linen fabrics. These fabrics wick away the moisture and help keep your skin dry, in a good way. And now that your underarm game is strong you can go ahead and wear sleeveless clothes confidently.

So there you go, follow these simple steps in order to stay sweat-free, restore the bacterial balance of your underarms and feel fresh and confident all day long! I hope you found this helpful.


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