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Nutrition for 6 pack abs

Nutrition for 6 pack abs

It really revolves around how consistent you can be with your nutrition as I talked about in last week's video. But there's one other thing here that comes in two forms for me and it is 100% the reason why I can support a 6 Pack 365 days a year. And that is convenient in the kitchen.

You see, I know as guys, I've got a lot of friends that the second the convenience factor goes away like maybe their wife goes away for a week or so, they're not eating well anymore.

So if their wife does a good job of trying the keep them eating healthy, the second they're not around, they're going to resort to either not eating good food at all or going out and eating crap. It's just not, it's the convenience that they lose that makes them then all of a sudden, lose all the effectiveness of their eating.

So for me, convenience comes in two forms as I said. And it's really about how well we prepare to eat well. And I do that by stocking a lot of the stuff that I like to use all the time. Obviously for me, I like Cow's Milk guys, you can also drink Almond Milk or Cashew Milk, which I do drink you know, as well.

But you can see that there's a lot of it here. I'm not running out, the second that I run out of 1 gallon I don't know what to do. I've got plenty of it here. We have Yogurt, you know that I eat Yogurt as part of my Daily Meal Plan.

There's a ton of them in here. Ok, I'm not going to just go buy one and then when I run out of that, I have nothing else to use. But more importantly here what I want you to focus on is the dish. And this dish is pre-made, this is what I'm going to eat later tonight.

This dish, as we can see, I've got pasta here, I've got real food guys. I've got sweet potatoes, I've got some sort of a green vegetable, in this case, its edamame. I do like edamame, I tend to have it a lot. And this is a humus covered chicken.

Now this chicken, this pasta, these sweet potatoes, all this stuff was prepared ahead of time guys. And not just that, I get so lazy that I actually will make tomorrow's meal as well.

So you see that I'll make up these meals ahead of time from the prepared meals, just so that I don't know, I'll work out late, you guys saw sometimes9:30, 10 o'clock at night.

I don't want to have to start putting my plate together that late. I already have one together for the next two nights so I don't have to worry about it. And again, I'm not measuring it, I'm not counting calories, I'm not doing any of that crap guys, that's not convenient.

You don't have to get chicken breasts here that you then prepare. You can get chicken that has the other parts attached to it that are a little bit cheaper because people have to do the labor to cut all that crap off to get to the breast.

Fine, spend a little bit of extra time on that one Sunday, to get rid of that crap but you're going to get it at a cheaper price. And the flexibility of let's said chicken, which is not the only meat that I eat, but the flexibility this week of chicken is that it allows you to prepare it in so many different ways.

So not just with the hummus on top but also prepared like a Mango Salsa here that I can put on top of it as well. Or I can have, I can make it with garlic and olive oil and tomato sauce for a completely different taste and of course all the different spices.

So that's convenient factor number one. Ido wants to show you one little Holy Grail, take you guys behind the scenes a little bit, just to give you an idea of how this is actually played out over the course of an entire week.

Ok so again behind the scenes, I want to take you to the dungeon here, this is in the basement. But I want to show you how far I'll go to make sure that I have convenient nutrition available to me. This freezer is a separate freezer that belongs to me down here in the basement.

But here's the key part about it, it's what inside the freezer and you can see that here are the already prepared sweet potatoes that have. There's 1,2,3,4,5. Another 1,2,3,4,5, that's10 days worth of sweet potatoes right here on top of the two I showed you upstairs.

 Here in all these Tupperware containers, this is all lean steak and beef that I have prepared already frozen, again fresh and then frozen right away. And we have it in here, I even have some couscous in different individual servings again.

It's not about measuring those out that just about how much when I put it on the plate that follows the proportions I've already discussed in previous videos.

But here I've got the whole thing you know, stocked full of pre-prepared meals and that's the situation guys is that even if you have to get a little backup freezer to hold it, the convenience is the that I don't have to worry about this food now for the next 10 days.

And it's not just the sweet potatoes thatI'll eat all the time, I'll have enough options to grab and mix them up. The point is that they're already pre-prepared and I did that on one single day. Alright, so the second thing when it comes to convenience guys you know how big I am a believer of supplementation when it comes to the convenience and the nutrition that they provide.

There's nothing more convenient and there nothing that you'll ever find me without an opportunity to supplement throughout the day because of the pure convenience of it. And the fact that I know that what I'm putting in my body is exactly what I need. So here's as simple as it gets. And here another plug here for something that I have no connection to at all.

Just trying to help you guys out and that's the Ninja. The Ninja Ultima Blender. My wife bought this. Youscrew it right on just like this. Put it on top here lock it in place. It literally takes like 5, 10 seconds.

And what's awesome is this is ready to go and drink. So then what I'll do is I'll just put it right here in the refrigerator so even this is ready to go for me for later. In case I decide that I even want to do that.

Because again sometimes late at night you don't want to blend your blender if maybe somebody else in your house is sleeping. So I do it, I put it ahead of time right here and even that's done. So, guys, it's the ultimate inconvenience you make your nutrition convenient you can follow a meal plan for as long as you want to follow it. And if you're eating foods that you actually enjoy and like, which all of those foods on that meal plan that you saw there, are foods that I actually enjoy and like.

And with our X-FACTOR Meal Plan, there are so many options on there. And they're not restrictive options to the point that you're looking at dull dry food that you can't stand, these are foods that you can actually enjoy and you can see guys, you can make this a lifestyle.

And that is the most important part. And if you want your 6 Pack Abs to show year-round, you've got to make it a lifestyle.  Washboard Wednesday, once a week we'll dictate one video all about our Core and how to get it.

And a lot of times it's not just about the exercises that we do but it's what we do right here in the kitchen. I'll see you guys back here soon. 


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