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What is the best meditation technique? For beginners

Namaskar. Meditation is a big thing today. It is spreading very fast. There was research in 2012 and they found out that in USA, 4% of the population, they know about meditation, maybe they had tried or heard something about meditation.

The same research was done in 2018 and they found out that 14.5% know about meditation. Can you imagine? That kind of trend. It means that after 7 years, 50% of the population will know about meditation and maybe will practice meditation also. And in 50 years, everybody is going to practice meditation, just like brushing teeth.

Because there is a huge demand, there is a huge supply also. There are [meditation] techniques in the market, so to say and there are some classical ones and there are some newly invented ones.

Meditation by 'John', John has invented a new meditation, following which logic, only God knows. But 'John' offers you to do that meditation. And many people go for that. So how to know which technique is the best? Because technique is important.

It's just like a car, you are going for a [rally] race and so you need to get a proper car. You need to know that your car, when it meets a river, will be able to cross that river, when going to the desert, will be able to cross that sand.

So you need to find that kind of car. One criteria is to find out whether is the 'dark side of the force' or 'good side of the force'. In the ancient times, these two paths were called, Vidya Tantra and Avidya Tantra.

Vidya Tantra, the path of knowledge is the meditation which leads you to discover your inner self. To become self sufficient, to be independent, to become free from the addiction for the external objects.

To become complete in yourself. It is introversial. Another path is Avidya, or path of ignorance. And that path is like meditation for the attraction of money, meditation to boost your sexuality, meditation to achieve your desires.

There are techniques like that. I'm sure that you are aware, if you have been taking any interest in the path of meditation. For sure you have some sort of offers. So that meditation is called dark meditation.

Because it increases the slavery of the mind. The mind becomes more and more addicted to the objects of desires and therefore more unhappy. So a wise person will choose the 'good side of the force [Vidya].

So that's one. Another one, in my opinion, meditation should be a complete one [practice]. If you meditate on your breath, just following your breath, observing your breath, it is very relaxing, calming and not so difficult. That's why is it very appealing.

It is very easy to do. But, it is not complete. You are only getting a bit of relaxation and you are getting a sort of withdrawal from the external objects, which is good. But then, that withdrawn mind has to find a new goal and go somewhere. So concentration on the Supreme Entity, on the Consciousness is not there.

Therefore, that meditation is incomplete and therefore cannot satisfy you completely. Because we human beings, we aspire for infinity and nothing else can satisfy us. So the technique must be complete,

it must lead to the highest goal and the highest accomplishment. But to reach that highest accomplishment, we have to develop all the muscles of our mind. So the system of meditation. Two and a half thousand years ago, Maharisi Patainjali, he defined Yoga, describing it as 'the eight limbs' or eight steps [Ashtaunga Yoga].

And it was not done accidentally, it was not meditation by 'John', for the attraction of money, that was meditation by Maharisi Patainjali, who spent years and years in the inner research.

He found out, that there is something, which is called 'Painca Kosas', the five layers of the mind. And for the development, for the purification, for strengthening of each of those layers, one needs to practice something. So therefore eight types of practices were prescribed.

And those eight practices, ideally, should be combined in one meditation technique. And if that is the case, our personality willbe developed harmoniously. It's not like your intellect is developing, but intuition is still very immature and undeveloped.

You will be very 'smart', so to say, but you are not wise and there is no love and there is no joy and happiness. If you develop your body and your ego grows at the same time, you like to look at yourself in the mirror, your mind still remains very extroversial, you're not moving inwards, you're just creating trouble for yourself. So everything has to be combined.

We need to develop the body, we need to develop the intellect, we need to develop the intuition, we need to develop wisdom, we need to develop love. So the most satisfying technique is the one, which harmoniously develops all the layers of the mind. Another thing is that three approaches have to be combined.

There are three Yogas; Jinana Yoga, the Yoga of knowledge, Karma Yoga, the Yoga of action and Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of love [devotion]. The knowledge Yoga, you sit and try to know yourself, make inner research through the proper technique. Karma Yoga is service to society. "Karma Brahmeti karma bahu kurviita", Action is God.

Do as many actions as possible. When you do actions in the mood of service in the flow of benevolence, that action liberates. And you discover so many things. And then, the Yoga of Love [devotion] makes you happy. When you fall in love with the Cause of all causes, with the Infinite Cosmic Entity, you feel happiness, it creates inner happiness.

So all these three approaches, plus the eight limbs of yoga, have to be combined in one technique. So with that understanding, we are making Meditation Steps. There are many lessons, personal lessons, which can only be received by personal instruction.

But even with the basic lesson, where we teach openly, on the YouTube platform, even there, we try to maintain the eight limbs of yoga. Yama & Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama, because your breathing becomes very calm when you meditate, Pratyahara, withdrawal of the mind, Dharana, concentration and focus, Dhyana, deep penetration in the ideational flow of the mantra and Samadhi is also there.

So, I advise very much to chose a proper technique and go with that. Invest your time there, don't invest time to some kind of half meditation.

I wish you the best of luck with your practice and [hope that you] develop all the aspects of your personality and become a beautiful and complete person. Thank you. Namaskar 


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