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Your peace under your control

Why do animals look quieter than humans? Sadguru: You can't be as calm as a cow, try as much as you want. Yes? You? You can't stay. You can manage it… You eat, they serve it today, but I think the restaurant is open.

You eat a lot of pongal; This is usually done; Do you know why Southern people are so quiet? (Laughter) You've eaten a lot of pongal (gestures), hmm? Very quiet (laughs). That happens.

Therefore, people tried. With all these things, excessive food, intoxication, and excessive pleasure in pleasure, he tried to create a kind of peace within himself. You thought you were getting there, but the next moment you knew it, you weren't there.

When does it betray you, how many times? Yes? One Saturday evening, your whole family met, all of you having a wonderful dinner; You thought it was the height of the world. Everything was so wonderful, so magical.

You see tomorrow morning, Puf (gesture) (laughs) Not because your family is in some way wrong; With this being the limit, you are trying to create unlimited space. It doesn't work. It's not going to work. Nothing is wrong, it doesn't work. Most big things around the world don't work. I'm not interested in them, that's all.

Are you interested in great things? Are you interested in great things? Participants: Yes. Sadguru: Thank you (some laughter). I have no interest in great things; I'm interested in things that work (laughs). I don't care ... there are so many great people. People say there are so many good things but they don't work, they don't work for anyone.

They are great things because someone says so. Someone thinks too much about themselves because they are great things and everything they say or do should be great things but they don't work. We are looking for something that works.

If you are already deciding the course of your mastery, one hundred percent, you know, feet… bloody feet are crazy painful, but still (gestures) (laughter), titch, itbagging work (laughs).

We believe that if you are one hundred percent determined by the nature of your experience right now, you will have to tell someone, 'Please create a fun experience'.

The problem is that you are unable to determine the nature of your experience for whatever reason. If you can judge the nature of your experience, no one will ever tell you, 'Be happy, be loving, be happy.' All this is coming from you, you know, pachyderms about life.

You see someone struggling, you say so; Love me 'You see someone unhappy, you say happy; It is very brutal (some laugh). When a person is in a state of discontent, it is very shameful to go and say, 'Have fun' (some laugh). No? But these are the teachings of this great man that has been going on for centuries.

These are great things that will never work. So we are only looking at how to determine the duration of your experience. If you feel that you are responsible for that cause and you are responsible for it, then I am 100% sure that you will be very happy for yourself. And I'm sure, if you feel great in yourself, you'll naturally be pleasurable to everyone around you.

Unfortunately, people have taken it upon themselves to confuse humanity with something very bad about their own. It's simple, it doesn't take any scripture or teacher to tell you, it's easy, whatever you do, your nature, it's happening within you. Alantidena? Hmm? You don’t need some great yoga or any book or teacher or stone


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