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 Abou the blog,www.ClickHealthy.in

        Hello, everyone welcome to my blog ClickHealthy.in.Here in the blog, we share some best ways that everyone needs to follow in their life. This is the blog where you will get best ideas to live your life healthily and stress-free. We share recipes of food that is healthy for you. After reading our articles you will understand which nutrition, vitamin, minerals are important for you, how you should eat when you should eat.
         We also share physical activities or exercise that will keep you physically healthy. Not only that here in this blog we share beauty tips and natural, homemade recipes you can use them instead of using harmful chemical products. 
          Except that all, we also share some tips to stay away from diseases. There are many types of diseases, among them, some of them are preventable before it fully attacks you. So, here we share ideas to prevent preventable diseases.

About me,Sudem Brahma         

        My life story is not so interesting. It is quite similar to others.From my childhood, I am very interested in technology and eating.  This is why when I was in class 8 my weight was 85 kg but it was not too much for me because I was a tallboy But that time I was not healthy. That time I felt sick every one or two months.
         After I passed my 10th exam I went to my nearest town to study. At that time for my weight, my classmates don't cared about me.
After 11th I went to 12th and that was about March or April when I was inspired by some health YouTubers.They explained how most of the products in markets are made of harmful chemicals that can even cause cancer and bad for our health . They said how celebrities promote unhealthy and harmful products for only their greed, for only money.
         After that time I started avoiding unhealthy things and started to exercise every day. But I faced difficulty first time to avoid eating unhealthy foods. But after some time I it became my habit and I avoided all unhealthy things. Right now I am 5 feet 9 inch and 70 kg and very sensitive to my health and very much healthier than before.
          Actually, I am from Assam a northeastern state of India. Right now I am studying in Guwahati for my higher studies. I want every people of India to stay healthy physically and mentally. That is why I started this blog.

Hope you had known very much about me